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Happy Holidays to all rats and their humans!

No rat was harmed in the making of this candy cane tail

Happy Holidays to all rats and their humans! 

Peace to all rats and their humans

RT @Thespringsky とりあえず源氏逃避して 精神落ち着いたら 次考えよ🙄 ブルースクリーンエラーめ…🖥😑 #ファンシーラット

Belly rubs pwease? 🙂

“Oh my, Halloween is on the way! 🥰🎃” -Wyatt

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A Mazing Pet Rat:

Mazes are fun and easy to build out of corrugated cardboard. They can be reconfigured into different routes (by cutting slots into the cardboard). Great way  to keep your pet rats mentally stimulated!