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junip pampering footage

she is cute, old, soft, and hangry

Tiny dreamer….((i took this pic then she immediately burst awake and stared accusatorily at me)) Due to them and me being the most active at nighttime the last couple weeks it’s been impossible to take good pictures ;w;

Junip is 2.5 now…….but you are never too old to get squished.


uuhhhh. mer-rat. ratmaid. junip inspired.

Juniper ??????????? 

reflected yogorp-eating faces of Junip and Clarse

didn’t get a chance to make anything yesterday, here is a happy belated World Rat Day from the blobs!!! Juniper gets a little crown because she is the giant rat that makes all the rules

rare large egg

behind the scenes making-of footage from the recently released ‘Simulated Junip Experience For Your Phone’ !!!