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New baby is here. Mingyu! Sweet, poor Mingyu! Another rescue rat, another awful people, but as always here family, love and warm is waiting for him. 

It’s such a hard time for us lately… Now Taehyung is gone. She was the bravest of all of my rats. She fought so many times. I miss her terribly… Have a wonderful life across the rainbow my dear…

After rain there is always a sun. So here he is. Taemin. My youngest, such an evil

Again…. I must say goodbye. Bye Kookie you were so brave, I was so proud of you…But disease was stronger. Bye bye, you were so loved and you’ll always be

My big digital art project. All of my and my best friend’s rats! 

Jimin, Jin, Namjoon, Taehyung, Kookie, Suga, rat update

Taehyung, the oldest right now, and Namjoon the chameleon

Too cute(fat) to be true 

Goodbye Seungri… my precious baby. Few days ago she had birthday. 3 years… but now she’s gone. Have a sweet time with Jiyong, Yunho, Yasumi and Hobi across the rainbow bridge. 

Happy Birthday Jimin! My one big weakness…