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RT @AssholeInASofa “turkey with a little gravy, veggies and fresh fruit 😋. Not bad Mom”

RT @undergrawlix “Rat Token Creature – Rat 1/1”

RT @archeogremlin “Today is rattoo day!! Look at the little rat friendo who’s gonna be on me forever”

RT @motherofnaggins “the rats in my ceiling after the rat man did sweet fuck all to get rid of them before leaving saying he’d have to wait til january some time”

RT @RatPackDC “Fell asleep during the grooming session… 😴🤫💤”

RT @RatPackDC “A quick grooming session before taking a nap.”

RT @chasiexp “good evening😜🐁👌”

RT @nemutamatama “右手が上か、左手が上か #本日のねずみあくび”

RT @RattieRatz “🌼FOSTER FRIDAY🌼 This week we have 3 big, sweet & friendly boys – Gus, Templeton, and Chance. Gentle and good for first-time owners or families with rat-savvy kids. Email💕🐀”