The real cherry on this shit cake is that no one I’ve spoken to is getting any kind of email or notification that their posts have been flagged as explicit.

This means that come the 17th, you may just get banned at random for having posted Kingdom Hearts 3 Official Promotional Art (Rated E for Everyone), and have no idea why.

Because you thought your blog was SFW, and the ban-bot is losing its fucking mind, and no one told you that you’d been targetted.

So like, please. If you see someone has been flagged as NSFW incorrectly, let them know.

Because tumblr sure fucking won’t.

Also, I’d encourage any content creators, especially artist, to check their posts themselves, even if you don’t think you have anything that would be flagged – several of my sfw, black and white line drawings from nearly a year back were flagged. God knows why, but I think it’s safe to say even avoiding flesh tones will not guarantee your work won’t be flagged. Check your posts.

Yep. I’ve had photos of my dogs flagged, and I’m seeing a lot of other people say the same.

In fact, I’ve scrolled through my posts and found that a post of some photos of mice was flagged on one blog, but not on another. You have to literally scroll through all your posts.

I’ve had rat pics flagged multiple times even before this, which is why I have no faith that this policy is actually going to work.

It’s been a long-documented flaw that tumblr will commonly flag animal videos as sexual content thru some missed connection in its dopey little robo-brain, way before this new nonsense, so everyone please check their pet content! We don’t want to lose any precious pics of our babies ;w;