I’m desperately trying to find someone to help my rat Eleanor. I discovered a mammary tumor this morning. I only have a few dollars between both my savings and checking account, and it’s been like this for months. My mother hates the rats and will not help me.

If anyone in the Pensacola, FL area can please help me save my girl. I’m trying to get her and her cagemates rehomed. If someone could please take Eleanor at least and get her to a vet I can rehome the other two separately.

I love my girls dearly but Eleanor needs help now, and knowing that I won’t be able to pay for any vet bills now or in the future. I’m rehoming all three of my girls.

If I can’t find anyone to help Eleanor, the birthday money I will be getting in two weeks will have to be used to euthanize her. These tumors grow fast and I just hope I can get her some help before her quality of life is affected.

If only she wasn’t so far… I would take her in a heartbeat.